Study in Shanghai

Why Study in Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s biggest and most prosperous city. As one of China’s greatest economic and cultural centers, Shanghai enjoy a name of the Oriental Paris. Due to its modern development history, Shanghai enjoys a blended culture of the east and the west and the city rivals New York and Paris in terms of modernity. Having long been a tourist destination, Shanghai is famous for historical relics as well as modern skyscrapers. Shanghai has something for everyone and you will never get bored in this dynamic metropolis.

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The Largest and Richest City in China

Shanghai is the largest city in China and the second largest in the world only after Mumbai. It has a population of more than 20 million and the city area of Shanghai takes up around 6340 square kilometers. Today’s Shanghai is known as the largest center of commerce and finances in mainland China with numerous multi-national companies base their Asian-Pacific headquarters here. Undergoing a construction boom, new high-rise buildings are making a new skyline in Shanghai.

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A Mix of East and West  

Shanghai is a fascinating mix of East and West. The city opened its door to the outside world in the modern history and with a favorable location and distinct oriental culture; Shanghai had attracted many foreign celebrities in modern history, including Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein and Tagore to live here. In the eyes of a foreigner, Shanghai has a unique oriental charm, while in the eyes of a Chinese, Shanghai certainly has strong Western flavor. Because there were many Concessions to Western powers during early 20th century, the city boasts a lot of stylish architectures with exotic appearances. In the early 1990s, the Shanghai government launched a series of new strategies to attract foreign investments. The founding of the new Pudong is a key movement and now Pudong has become the world renowned financial district with numerous skyscrapers.

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Shopping Paradise


Shopping in Shanghai can be of great pleasure and the city will offer a shopping experience that you will never forget. Whether or not you are a shopaholic, there are various shopping areas selling anything imaginable that you will surely find worth a look. Some of the major commercial districts in Shanghai include Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road while there are also numerous traditional outdoor markets which will offer you a unique taste of old Shanghai.

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Colorful Nightlife


Shanghai is a sleepless city and it is a city of colorful nightlife. It has a diverse cultural flavor, with cinemas showing foreign and Chinese films, and theatres featuring opera, dance, drama, acrobatics and puppets. There are also numerous night clubs and bars which are open throughout the night.

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Tourist Destination


Shanghai has tourist attractions both in and around the city. Zhujiajiao Water Town, only 40 minutes’ drive from Shanghai, is an ancient water town of typical Southeast China style. Shanghai is close to cities of Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and Wuxi, which are all within 3 hours’ ride by bullet train or express bus. All in all, the city is abundant with historical relics as well as modern stylish skyscrapers.

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