Kindly Remind: Recent Visa Expiration Cases

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Kindly Remind: Recent Visa Expiration Cases

SICAS just received an email from Wuhan University of Technology about visa expiration cases which happened before. To avoid, SICAS kindly remind students of paying attention to the visa expiration.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your SICAS advisor or contact us directly. We're happy to be of assistance! Tel: +86-15318861816   Email:

The content followed is the email, hope students read it carefully.

Dear students,

In the recent two months, we found several visa expiration cases happened to our students. Some of them claimed that they could not come due to not having enough payment, some were very sorry that they forgot the dates.

This is officially to remind all the students that visa expiration is very serious law and regulation breaking. No excuses could be taken, so what you need to do is to prevent your visa to be expired, and always come to the office to extend 10 working days earlier.

No money to pay is not a good excuse, please remind your parents to prepare earlier. Otherwise to wait until the visa being expired is not a good way.

We would cancel some students’ study status to lecture them, hope the others could learn from the lesson.

Hope we could work together to build much safe and better study and living environment.

                                     International Student Office

                                          Oct.21th, 2015