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Join Me in This Wonderful University

(Editor's Note: Osolo Ian Raymond, Ugandan student,  was enrolled by School of Software, Central South University, majored in Software Engineering. Congratulations!)


My name is Osolo Ian Raymond and I am from Uganda. After finishing my undergraduate degree in South Africa, and working for a while, I decided to pursue my Master’s degree. I decided that I wanted to pursue a Master’s degree in Software Engineering in another country. Coming from a technical background (Electronic Engineering), it wasn’t a difficult choice to decide which country would serve best, my interests in Programming/ Software and working with Electronics. I chose China.

Because of language barrier, often it is difficult to get replies from some universities in China. Even when you get a reply they sometimes do not understand your question very well and so they do not give you a satisfactory answer. I went online and on study abroad forums and that is where I learnt about SICAS. According to their website SICAS is one of the companies that can help you get admitted to universities in China. 

Thanks to SICAS & My advisor-Devin:

SICAS advertised a very simple and straight forward process of applying and getting admitted. All I had to do was open an account on their website, tell them the course I wanted to study and they would perform their magic. They would recommend universities or help me get into the one I had in mind. I was a little bit skeptical but I gave them a try. I registered and Devin was assigned to me as my agent. He communicated with me on WhatsApp and via email and guided me through the whole process. I actually bothered him a lot and contacted him even after working hours (once while he was having his supper!!). He was kind enough to deal with my issues whenever I contacted him.

(These photos are provided by Osolo Ian Raymond himself on the left hand)

After just about a week he told me that Central South University had accepted my application. He told me to wait a couple of weeks and soon enough DHL called me to pick up my package that contained my admission letter and the JW202 form. I used that to apply for a VISA, bought my air tickets and jetted into China. SICAS do offer a package that involves picking you from the airport among other things if you need it.

Dormitory of School of Software,CSU:

It is a nice large room; you get a bed (with all necessities), a wardrobe and a cupboard. You also have an air conditioner in the room as well as your own private bathroom and balcony. It is one bed per room for postgraduate students (2 beds per room for undergraduate students) in the foreign students accommodation area which consists of two 7 floor buildings standing opposite from each other. Each floor has its own washing room that has 6  washing machines and a kitchen area which has about 8 cookers. 


(click to view the enlarged ones) 

I have begun my lectures and I am very grateful for all the help that I received from SICAS. All I had to do was to email the required documents, pay the fee and SICAS handled everything for me. They got me admitted to this wonderful university. I recommend anyone who is planning to study in China to use SICAS without hesitation. They are affordable, and communicate with you promptly all throughout the process.

Thank you SICAS, thank you Devin, keep up the good work.

The Admission Letter followed is of Osolo Ian Raymond: