Popular Listed Universities with English Taught MBBS Programs

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Popular Listed Universities with English Taught MBBS Programs

The following school is ranking according to their popularity, you can click  the courses to get more information and

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Popular MOE Listed University (MBBS Program)

City University Program

Tuition Fee

Shenyang China Medical University MBBS in English-Autumn Intake RMB 40000/Year
Jinan Shandong University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English)  RMB 45000/Year
Jinzhou Liaoning Medical University Clinical Medicine(MBBS) RMB 32000/Year
Xuzhou Xuzhou Medical University MBBS (In English)
RMB 28000/year
Nanjing Southeast University Clinical Medicine(MBBS in English) RMB 32800/Year
Ningbo Ningbo University MBBS (In English) RMB 25000/Year
Zhenjiang Jiangsu University MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of
 Surgery in English)
RMB 30000/Year
Changchun Jilin University MBBS Program (in English) RMB 29000/Year
Dalian Dalian Medical University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 40000/Year
Wuhan Wuhan University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 32000/Year
Xi'an Xi'an Jiaotong University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 40000/Year
Wuhan Huazhong University of 
Science and Technology
Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 40000/Year
Shihezi Shihezi University MBBS in English-Autumn Intake RMB 25000/Year
Soochow Soochow University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 35000/Year
Fuzhou Fujian Medical University MBBS in English (Clinical Medicine) RMB 30000/Year
Xiamen Xiamen University MBBS in English - Autumn Intake RMB 38000/Year
Jiamusi Jiamusi University MBBS(Clinical Medicine in English) RMB 22000/Year
Jilin Beihua University MBBS (in English) RMB 21000/Year
Nanjing Guangxi Medical University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 30000/Year
Yangzhou Yangzhou University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 22000/Year
   Sun Yat-sen University 
                      MBBS (in English) 
RMB 38000/Year