Popular Non-Listed Universities with English Taught MBBS Programs

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Popular Non-Listed Universities with English Taught MBBS Programs

The following school is ranking according to their popularity, you can click  the courses to get more information and start online application.

Popular  MOE Non-listed University (MBBS Program)

Recognized by  WHO in the "Directory of World Medical Schools" ; English-TaughtHigh Teaching QualityLow Tuition Fee

City University Program Tuition Fee


Nankai University


MBBS(In English)
RMB 64000/Year
Binzhou Binzhou Medical University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 14000/Year
Taian Taishan Medical University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 20000/Year
Ji'an Jinggangshan University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English)

RMB 16000/Year

Shenyang Shenyang Medical University Clinical Medicine(MBBS) RMB 25000/Year
Haikou Hainan Medical University MBBS(In English) RMB 18000/Year
Jingzhou Yangtze University MBBS (in English) RMB 22000/Year

Jining    Jining Medical University                     MBBS (in English) RMB 16000/Year


High Application Difficulty University (MBBS Program)

City University Program Tuition Fee
Beijing Capital Medical University MBBS in English RMB 38000/Year
Shanghai Fudan University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 75000/Year
Hangzhou Zhejiang University MBBS in English RMB 42800/Year
Guangzhou Jinan University Clinical Medicine (CM) RMB 28000/Year
Shanghai Tongji University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 45000/Year
Xiamen Xiamen University MBBS in English - Autumn Intake RMB 38000/Year