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What an Amazing Trip to Dalian, China!
(Editor’s note: Tasca, a girl from Burund, was admitted by Dalian Medical University. It’s the first time for her to go abroad. Here is what she experienced when she arrived Dalian, China.)
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"You only live once, and once is enough if you do it right" —— Story From Neema Adnan
My name is Neema Adnan from Tanzania, currently studying at China University of Petroleum(CUP), major being Petroleum Engineering. I appreciate all the hard work and achievement that SICAS team made it happen during my application period.
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The Best Service I Ever Got —— Many Thanks to SICAS Service Team
Emmaneul is a Libyan student and was admitted by Bohai University in the program of Electrical Engineering. The following is a story of Emmaneul in his own words. It's about his experience with SICAS service staff Miss Nancy. Let's read the story and find out what happened after Emmaneul arriving China.
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Thank SICAS for Helping Me Achieve My Dream
Freddy got admitted by Southern Medical University through SICAS this September.Here is Freddy’s experience with SICAS described by himself.
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